Hate Your Job?

Dear Job Hunter,

Are you fed up?

Are you finally ready to start taking action and get out of that job you hate or bores you to tears?

Good. I am glad to hear you are ready to do something about it. But I want to warn you that your circumstances are not easy.


Because you have two of the most difficult obstacles in front of you:

1. Comfort with familiarity

2. Fear of Change

Human beings are creatures of habits. We become very comfortable with our circumstances even if we hate them. And because we fear change, it can be very hard to progress with our lives.

This is why so many people get stuck and have a hard time losing weight, getting in shape, making more money, finding true love, and creating any form of success in our lives.

But the fact that you are on this page means one of two things:

1. You have hit your rock bottom and are sick and tired of your situation.

2. You are close to hitting your rock bottom.

I hope for your sake you have hit your rock bottom. Otherwise, if you are not overly frustrated from your current situation, chances are you will stay in your current job until you do hit rock bottom or self-sabotage yourself.

Because you are reading this right now, it means that you are probably new to me and this website. So I would highly recommend you take a moment and read the following articles:

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