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Welcome to the Dream Job X website where we will help you find your passion and develop a strategy to live an authentic life. Finding work these days can be very challenging especially when it comes to finding something that you truly enjoy.

All too often people spend countless hours working jobs or careers that they absolutely hate. If you are reading this right now chances are you are one of those people who wake up every day dreading to get out of bed because you loathe and despise where you will go to work.

Why So Many People Suffer

Many people wonder why it is that they have a hard time finding their dream job and it is do to the fact that they are not in touch with their authentic self. As people are raised as children, they are told what to think instead of being taught how to think for themselves.

So they wake up one day miserable and depressed only to discover that the reason they are feeling so down is because they are in a career that they do not enjoy. Unfortunately when this happens people start to displace their energy in the wrong places taking out their anger and frustration on people who had nothing to do with why they are so upset.

How To Solve The Problem

The first step a person must take if they want to find a career they love is that they must get in touch with who they truly are. They must align with what excites them in life. As mentioned above, most people do not know how to do this because they are so out of touch with their own intuition and what drives them.

So how does one truly get in touch with their core essence so that they can find your dream job?

Education and Career Development

School is not just academics. It is when you pay attention to anything that is happening at the moment and learn something from it. But most importantly, it is when you ask good questions.

School is when you become so passionate about something that you jump in it and absorb as much as you can. A good education is when you have a conversation with someone knowledgeable and obtain a new insight from them.

Some of the most successful people in the world did not even finish nor need to finish school because they were so good at what they did and were able to learn and do what they needed to do on their own.

Because they were so passionate about it this helped them find their life purpose and move up the corporate ladder with ease.

Some Background Information

Purpose and story behind this dream job course: To give you a head start by having the ability to learn from all those before you mistakes, trial, and error.

Caveman image – For tens of thousands of years our lives have mainly been focusing on survival.

US wins WWII image – It has only been the last 60 years (since WWII) that the general populace has had the ability to start to figure out “how” live life successfully beyond survival.

Test Tube Image – The people before you in a sense have been going through a phase of trial and error trying to figure out the big questions of how to live life.

Things like:

How to be happy

How to be healthy

How to live your life purpose

How to create good relationships

How to get what you want from life

How to live in peace

And when you want to find out the meaning of life.

These things in a sense are level 2 for humanity in our evolution. For the past 60 years countless people have spent so much time in trying to figure these things out and we are now at a point where enough tests have been done where we have some answers to these questions.

What this course does is compiles all the simple core essences of these answers into an easy to digest curriculum so that you the students who are just starting your life can have a head start.

Now, this does not mean that because you know this information your life will be perfect and easy. Regardless, you will still have to dedicate the rest of your life toward perfecting these things. But what it does mean is that you will have some tools and answers right away so that you don’t have to go through so much trial and error like the previous generations had to.

On the other hand, you could choose to say that all this is BS and not use the information presented. And falling down and learning the hard way is a valid experience; nothing wrong with that. However, I can almost assure you that everything you will be taught in this course you will find out on your own to be true.



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