Dear Job Seeker In [your_city],

My name is Sergio Diazgranados and for over 20 years I have hired hundreds of employees and read thousands of cover letters and resumes and can safely tell you that 95% of job applicants submit their cover letter and resume in the wrong way.


I want to offer you an opportunity to learn a simple method to submitting your cover letter in a way that will grab the hiring manager’s attention and help you stand out from all other applicants.

I have created a free e-book called Double Your Interviews: How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter & Stand Out From Your Competition.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • What hiring managers are really looking for in a new applicant
  • A cover letter template that you can cut and paste
  • Three sentences you should use in your cover letter
  • The exact length your cover letter should be
  • What not to put on your cover letter

And I even provide you a sample of what I would put on my cover letter.

After you use this cover letter template, you will be that much closer to hearing those two magic words…“You’re hired.”

This template will work

for anyone in any industry.

All you have to do is cut and paste it in a Word doc or an email the next time you send out your resume.

Simply enter your email below, click the button, and I’ll immediately send your free cover letter template that will help you get more interviews right now…



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