James Haley’s Story

dream-jobDear Job Seeker,

I want you to meet James, one of my clients.

Like many people…

James was always job hopping and settling for dead-end mediocre jobs because he felt unworthy of success.

He was always unsure what to do, frozen with indecision, and feared making the wrong career decision.

He was tired of being rejected by companies, had a lot of self doubt, feared failure, and worried about being able to provide for his family.

But most importantly, he was tired of doing what others expected of him and not living up to his full potential.

When I began working with James, his number one goal was to have a life filled with meaning and purpose, knowing that his career was on the right path, have job security, and creating financial freedom so he no longer had to live paycheck to paycheck.

After working with James, I was able to help him get clear on his career path and helped him build a strategy to create a career and lifestyle that was aligned with his values and definition of success.

Here is what he had to say…james

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