hidden job market[heading h=”h2″ font=””]What is The Hidden Job Market? Is it real?[/heading]

Dear Job Hunter In [your_city],

Yes. The hidden job market is real. Very real.

This is why many job hunters believe that “There are no good jobs out there”.

The hidden job market was even confirmed by sites like Forbes, CBS, and Bloomberg News.the-hidden-job-market

Companies do not like having to advertise a job on sites like Monster or Indeed. It costs them time, money, and resources to do that.

When good opportunities become available, they generally connect with people who work at the company or via their own network. Companies would rather get a referral or hire someone they already know.

If a company advertises for a job position, it usually means they have exhausted all of their other resources. I know from personal experience, with most of the major hirings I have done, I have focused on hiring people I already know.

I hate to admit it, but I have even considered friends who were not the best suited for the job, but because I knew them, would at least discuss the opportunity with them.

People like to work with people they know, like, and trust. This is VERY important that you understand that.hidden-job-market-2

[heading h=”h3″ font=””]What Should I Do?[/heading]

So you might be wondering, “What should I do then?”

It means you need to stop solely relying on job boards for getting your job. First of all, when a company posts an ad for a new position, we will get up to 300 submissions within the first hour.


By the time I have gone through 100 resumes, they all become a blur to me. I begin to start losing objectivity and all the resumes that come in after the first 100 are now competing with the handful that have piqued my interest because the last thing I want to do is go through more resumes.

Relying purely on job boards to find a new opportunity is going to lead you down a path of feeling overwhelmed and scattered from your job search.frustrated career

If you want to tap into the hidden job market, you are going to need to be specific with your job search, get focused, have a strategy, and learn how to sell yourself. Searching for a job is more then just networking, it’s about selling yourself to companies.

Unfortunately, most people have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to sales for two reasons:

1. You think it’s slimy or cheesy and associate it with the pushy car salesmen.job-market

2. It’s intimidating because you don’t know what to anticipate and what the process looks like.

But once you understand how the sales process works, you will know what to anticipate and it wont feel so intimidating.

If you have ever felt that nervous or anxious feeling where you worry or think to yourself, “Am I going to get the job?” Or, “Are they going to call me back?” You think these things because you do not understand how sales works.

When I began my career in sales at the age of 18, I was awful. I would come into my office spinning my wheels unsure of myself and never having a clear understanding of what I should be doing next or if anything I am doing is even working.

But this all changed once I learned a five-step sales system from a friend of mine. I went from making $36,000 a year to over $200K a year within 18 months.

And this sales system applies to anything you sell in life, especially when you are searching for a job and “selling yourself to companies.” This is the only way you will be able to tap into the hidden job market.

So if you are tired of missing out on the good jobs and being rejected, it’s time you learn how to sell yourself. I have created a webinar and would love to share with you some very important psychological mechanisms of how to sell yourself the right way.

To sign up for this webinar go here.

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