Want to learn how to get a job you want?

In this lesson you are going to learn the exact steps you need to take to build your career:

1. Position Yourself

The last thing you want to do is come off desperate. Companies like to hire the best candidate and those people usually are still working. So whatever you do, make sure that you don’t come off as being needy.

You also need to make sure that you present yourself as a solution to their problem. You want to be the ideal candidate and fit exactly what they are looking for.

2. Know Your Value

If you cannot convey to them what your value is and how you can help them within the first two minutes of speaking with them, then you have very little chance of getting the job you want. You should feel confident in knowing exactly what you will bring to the table and be able to communicate that to them clearly.

3. Be Creative

Don’t just rely on sending out resumes when you are trying to get the job you want. The old way of getting a job is outdated. There are now so many ways to get yourself in front of people. A resume will never be able to convey your true talents. So come up with new ideas of getting yourself in front of the right people.


4. Networking

In continuing with the idea of being creative, you should be networking with the people at the company you want to work for (or their competitors.) These people can give you the inside scoop of what is actually happening at the company (or in the industry) and how you can best present yourself to the right person.

Don’t waste your time at networking events or meetups unless they directly correlate with the company you want to work with.

5. Learn Everything You Can About The Company

If you really want to work for this company, learn everything you can about them from top to bottom. You should feel like a private investigator who is stalking this company so that you know everything that there is.


Because when you do show up for the interview you will be able to speak intelligently about them and this will show them that you are authentic about working with them. All too often people just want the job because they are looking for a paycheck. Companies want to hire people who actually care about what they do and you can convey this by knowing everything about them.

Note: Never go after a job just because you need money unless you are literally flat broke. And if that is the case, get an interim job before you go after your dream job.

6. Have Relevant Experience

The person who is looking to hire someone has tunnel vision and they are looking for something very specific. You need to have the exact experience they are looking for otherwise they probably will not consider you unless you have some relevant experience and are being vouched for by someone they trust.

If you do not have the relevant experience necessary, then be willing to pay your dues and get them in some way (even if you have to work for free) so that you can build up the relevant experience and now won’t look like a liability.

7. Craft Your Story

We all have a unique story to tell about ourselves and how it relates to why we want that job so badly. Have a simple yet powerful story about yourself so that when you do talk to the powers that be, they can relate with you on a deeper and meaningful way so that you stand out from the other applicants.

8. Be A Problem Solver

Your only responsibility is to help them solve their problems. You should only be speaking with them about their needs and how you can help them accomplish their goals. If they see that you are focused as being a solution to their problem, you have a much better chance of getting the job you want.

9. Stay Positive

No matter what happens during your search, stay positive. You are literally selling yourself and in the world of sales, you have to get accustomed to hearing no. Don’t take it personally if things are not going your way. Trust that no matter what is happening, everything will work out as it should be.

10. Be A Natural Fit

Every company has their own culture and ecosystem and you need to make sure you fit into this naturally. If you really want the job, make sure that from their perspective you are a good fit.

11. Have A Strategy

Do not just go out there and start blasting your resume out. You need to have a plan of attack and execute it methodically.

How to get a job fast?

This question reeks of being desperate. It tells me you are out of work and probably out of money. If you are only looking for something based on immediate needs, make sure it is outside of the industry you would consider your dream job. The best jobs that you can get very fast include waiter/waitress, bartender, barista at Starbucks, and other similar low paying jobs.

How to write a cover letter to get the job you want

Your cover letter should be a sales pitch that quickly shows the person reading it why they should consider you for an interview. The goal of this cover letter is to create intrigue.

How to get a job you want with no experience

The only way you can get a job you want with no experience is by working for free in exchange to get the experience. There are some occasions when you can do this and it actually is a very smart move because within a year you will have the experience you need and can either start getting paid or move to another similar company.

How to find a job you want

When searching for a job, you need to have a clear understanding of what your passion and purpose is. If you are not sure, then read this article on how to find your life purpose or how to find your passion.

How to get a job anywhere you want

The simple answer to this question is this: create so much demand for your services that you can work anywhere.

How to get the job you want at the interview

If you are able to clearly convey your value at the interview and convince them that they need to hire you on the spot, then you can easily get the job at the interview.

How to attract and manifest a job you want

When using the Law of Attraction, the first thing you need to remember is that like attracts like. So if you want to manifest the job you want, you need to behave like the person they are looking for. You need to feel and be that person so that you resonate at the frequency they resonate at.

How to get the job you want after graduation

Coming out of college can be a challenge getting the job you want. The best thing to do is to start with an internship program and prove yourself to the company so that you can naturally grow with them.


Whitehouse – Jobs and the Economy: Putting America Back To Work

President Barack Obama has always put a premium on jobs. This is highlighted in his 2014 State of the Union address. He understands the importance of jobs to the economy. This page highlights the present administration’s actions when it comes to “Putting America Back To Work”. This page also presents statistics that should give you a good idea as to where the administration is as far as this goal is concerned.

You’ll also find out exactly how the administration is trying to achieve this goal. They’re doing this by investing in several American industries.

White House Blog – New Job-Training and Education Grants Program Launched

Millions of Americans are set to benefit from the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant Program. This $2 billion program will provide free educational programs that can be finished in 2 years or less. These programs are designed to help students get ahead by setting them up for success in the career they have chosen.
These Open Educational Resources are made available via the intellectual property license. This means that they can be used for free. This page provides all the information that you need to get started. You’ll also find out how it can benefit you as a student.

BBC News – Not Qualified? Don’t Worry

The Guardian – I’m a graduate with a good degree. Why can’t I get a better job?

NY Times – Older Job Seekers Find Ways to Avoid Age Bias

If you’re an older job seeker, then you know that age discrimination is still happening. Even if you have decades of experience, you’ll find it hard to look for a new job if you got let go from your old job because a lot of companies prefer the younger job seekers.
This article tells the story of James S. Kunen. When he was let go by Time Warner as its director of corporate communications, he had a lot of questions in his mind. He understands that age discrimination is a fact. This article talks about the challenges that he faced and how he was able to overcome them.

Forbes – Break These Job-Search Rules And Get Hired

If you’ve been finding it a huge challenge to get hired, it’s probably because you’re limiting yourself to the common job search rules. There are a lot of these rules especially when it comes to applying online. For starters, you’ve been told that it’s a good idea to pack your online application with a lot of keywords. The problem is – thousands of applicants know this as well.
This page tells you that the new job market has been ushered in now. It encourages you to break the rules in order to get hired. This page points out these job search rules and provides tips on how to break these rules to get hired.

Biz Journal – Strategies To Help Your College Grad Land A Dream Job

As parents, it’s a good idea to make sure that your child secures employment. It’s usually not enough to just help them through college. Your child actually needs more help right after he or she graduates. This is because of the intense competition in the market. Of course, there’s also the issue of student loans. Without your assistance, these loans may just bury your child with no job in sight.
This article provides statistics that will convince you that your child needs help. More importantly, it provides tips on the things that you can do to help your college grad child.

Entrepreneur – Applying Entrepreneurial Thinking to Get a Job

According to this article, a group of students said that it’s very hard to get a job in their chosen industry. When asked to rate how hard it is to get a job in their chosen industry on a scale of 1 to 10, the average response was 8.
This article shows a good approach to finding a job. It talks about creating a demand for your skills and expertise. Basically, it talks about being entrepreneurial in your approach to finding and getting a job.

The Fiscal Times – 5 Million Job Openings, So Why Can’t You Get Hired?

This article has some good news for you. America has 5 million job openings right now. However, this article also has some bad news – getting one of those 5 million jobs is easier said than done. You probably know this for a fact.
The author explains why you can’t seem to find these job openings. You’d think that they’d be everywhere, but you don’t even know where to start. By reading this article, you’ll know about the job opening rate and the unemployment rate. You’ll also know how they’re related and how they explain the lack of opportunities presented to you.

Forbes – Job Seekers: What To Do If You Aren’t Getting Called For Interviews

As a job seeker, you’re doing your part. You’re sending out resumes. You have an online resume. This is why you excitedly wait by your phone, waiting for someone to call you to schedule you for an interview. Unfortunately, no one has been calling.
This article provides tips on what you should do if you’re not getting called for interviews. It will ask you several questions so you can make better sense as to why you’re not getting called for interviews. This way, you can make the necessary adjustments so you can get that first call for an interview – the first of many to come.

Fortune – Can you get a tech job coming from a totally different field?

We live in an Internet age and this is why tech jobs are in demand. A lot of people are trying to make the switch from one industry to the tech industry. The question is – is it possible to get hired for a tech job even if your experience is in an entirely different industry?
You know for a fact that the transition is not easy. You’re up against young 20somethings who have been working on computers since they were 10. This article provides advice to a lawyer who wants to make the switch. It provides tips on how to get hired. The tips are so practical that anyone can apply them.

Investopedia – How To Use LinkedIn To Get A Job

Social media is not just for inviting your friends to play a game on Facebook. With the right social media site, you can actually find a job. When it comes to helping you find a job, LinkedIn is the best social media site for you.
This article provides easy-to-apply tips on how you can start and build a LinkedIn profile that can actually help you find a job. These tips will help you maximize your LinkedIn membership. With how easy these tips are, you’ll be surprised at their effectiveness.

KCET – Building the Skills to Get the Job in the First Place

Nowadays, it’s not enough that you have a degree for you to get hired. You need to acquire a lot of skills. The author talks about how she makes sure that her students at the Foshay Technology Academy acquire communication skills in addition to programming and web designing skills.

This article highlights what the academy is doing to set up their students for success. It all starts with learning how to properly write a resume. It also talks about the importance of conducting yourself well during interviews. By reading this article, you can also learn these tips that you can apply.

BBC – How to get a job that’s out of your league

This article is a compilation of thoughts of LinkedIn influencers when it comes to turning your weaknesses into strengths. They provide tips that can make you qualified for jobs that you’re not initially qualified for. It will even show you how individuals who were seemingly not qualified for the job get the job over someone who seems to have the right qualifications.
This article will solve your worries. You can finally apply for jobs that seem to be “out of your league”. With these tips, you can be in the same league.

Market Watch – 8 reasons you weren’t hired: Insider explanations why top-notch candidates ultimately didn’t get the job

Job hunting is tough. You send out a lot of applications and go to dozens of interviews. You’re focused. You’re driven. You’re qualified. People are telling you that you’re a top-notch applicant. This is why you’re really wondering why you weren’t hired. You’re asking for a reason why you weren’t hired.
Well, this post provides not just one reason, but eight of them. The author compiles thoughts from insiders that explain why even top-notch applicants are not getting hired. These reasons make a lot of sense and can help you get back your confidence so you can get back on track.

Time – How (Not) to Ask Questions When Applying For a Job

“Do you have any questions?”

Yes, the interviewer really wants to know if you have any questions. However, you have to know that you’re also going to be judged by the questions that you’re going to ask. This is why this is a very helpful article. It provides the dos and don’ts when asking a question during the interview process. You’ll even know when to ask questions. You’ll also find helpful tips on finding the answer yourself just in case you’re being tested to see how you’re going to handle a specific situation.[/toggle]

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