Dear Job Seeker, I want you to meet Lisa. Like many people, Lisa had a lot of doubt about her career and what she should be doing. She grew up in a family that could not provide her a lot of opportunities so she approached her job search from a fear based “survival” mindset. BecauseContinue Reading

Dear Job Seeker, I want you to meet James, one of my clients. Like many people… James was always job hopping and settling for dead-end mediocre jobs because he felt unworthy of success. He was always unsure what to do, frozen with indecision, and feared making the wrong career decision. He was tired of beingContinue Reading

Thank you for taking our What Should I Do With My Life Quiz. We have received your answers and will analyze them over the next few days and then will contact you to offer our suggestions and insights. What’s Next? I have created a free Ebook called The Passion Formula: How To Discover Your LifeContinue Reading

If you want to… Find your passion & build a career you love Get more interviews & job offers Increase your salary & get paid what you are worth Build more confidence & interview like a rockstar Then this will be the most important message you will ever read because I am going to tellContinue Reading

What should I do with my life? How do I find my passion? What is my purpose? On this page you are going to discover the most important question you must answer in your life. This question then has four sub questions that you must answer. These are not easy questions to answer because theyContinue Reading

[heading h=”h2″ font=””]What is The Hidden Job Market? Is it real?[/heading] Dear Job Hunter, Yes. The hidden job market is real. Very real. This is why many job hunters believe that “There are no good jobs out there”. The hidden job market was even confirmed by sites like Forbes, CBS, and Bloomberg News. Companies doContinue Reading

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