forgiveness affirmations quotes

Having a hard time letting go and moving forward? Are you angry, frustrated, or filled with resentment? If you are holding a grudge and having a hard time letting go, here are some affirmations and quotes you can use to forgive yourself or others. Affirmations To Forgive Myself I am not perfect and make mistakes.Continue Reading

change affirmations quotes

Are you at a crossroads right now? Having a hard time accepting that your life is heading in a new direction? Here are some positive affirmations and quotes for change that will help you embrace these obstacles and face your fears! Change Affirmations I know that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly. I trustContinue Reading

back pain affirmations

Tired of struggling? Whether you got hurt playing sports, at work or on the job, or fell down at home, you can use these positive affirmations and quotes to help you heal your back pain so you can start to get some relief fast! Back Pain Affirmations My body is healthy and free from pain.Continue Reading

bedtime affirmations sleep

Need help falling asleep? Want to have a deep and restful night? Here are a list of the best positive night time & bedtime affirmations & quotes to help you feel calm & refreshed to have a deep peaceful & restful sleep. But before you begin, do two things: 1. Write down all of theContinue Reading

birth affirmations

Are you having a new baby? Use these positive affirmations for birth to help you bring your child into this world effortlessly! Birth Affirmations I am relaxed and at peace. I am bringing a healthy and strong child into this world. My new child will enter the world effortlessly. My body is strong and capableContinue Reading

affirmations break up healing broken heart

Did you and your lover just go separate ways? Here are some break up affirmations and quotes about relationships that will help heal your heart so you can move forward and attract a new person into your life when the time is right! Affirmations For Breakups My heart is whole, healed, and happy. I trustContinue Reading

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