Personal vs Professional Goals

personal professional goals
Having the right mix of professional and personal goals can help you get a clearer perspective about your objectives in life. But to be honest, balancing your professional and personal goals can be a challenge. On any given day, you may feel as if you are being pulled in separate directions, or your lengthy to-do list may be suffocating you. However, with a few useful tips you can manage your personal and business goals.

Compile a list with two columns one for your personal goals and the other for your professional goals. Once you are content with the list, revise your goals to make them more specific. However, it is very important for you to keep your goals realistic and achievable. The sky is the limit, sure, but you need to stay in the confines of possibilities, and then set goals that that you can hit spot on.

Maybe your professional goal is to earn more, but work less. You will need to be more specific and clear. Figure out the specifics such as the number of hours you want to work in a day, the number of working days in a week, whether you want better paying customers, etc. Similarly, your personal goal may include saving for your retirement.  Again, it is important to define the goal specifically and clearly.

The next step is to prioritize these goals, which can be tricky, particularly if your professional goals directly compete with your personal ones and both are important. Go through the list of goals and mark the ones that are likely to have the greatest impact. Accomplishing these goals early will help pave the way, making it easier to achieve your remaining goals. It is often difficult to set up the biggest system first, but there is usually a greater payoff too.

Once you are clear with respect to what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life, you should devise a plan of action. It is better to focus on only one or two goals in the beginning. If you try too hard and work on everything at once, it will throw you off balance. You may have already prioritized your goals, but you have to ensure the specific order in which you go about completing them helps you find the balance. For example, rather than focusing five professional goals in a row try to alternate between your professional and personal goals.

When setting both personal and professional goals we tend to keep them to ourselves. While there is nothing wrong with it, but if you tell someone about these goals, it is likely that you will feel more accountable. It can mean the difference between losing focus and achieving your dream. Informing your friends and family about your goals may push you a little more and provide you the needed motivation to keep your dreams alive.

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