How To Achieve Goals

how to achieve your goals

If you want to learn how to achieve your goals…

A good place to start is to visualize your goals. A goal that can be seen is more powerful and inspirational than a goal written on a checklist. For example, if you want to lose a few pounds, cut out a magazine picture of a bikini clad model (just do not choose a model that is out of your league).

The next step is to break your goal into manageable chunks. Most people easily give up on their goals because they seem too big or daunting. If you are one of those people, stop now and come up with a better game plan. For instance, consider the popular goal of being your own boss. It is a noble and coveted goal; however, in case you are a cubicle dweller, this goal may be hefty.

Therefore, it is better to break it up into smaller chunks. Then start working on these smaller goals. Soon you will realize how helpful it can be and how far it can take you. Choose various milestones and turn them into tiny goals to reach your final destination.
These smaller goals can be to increase the traffic on your new website, reach a specific number of customers or increase the amount of revenue. If you break your enormous goal into smaller and manageable ones, it will make the scary jump off the cliff of self-employment a lot more feasible and reasonable option for you.

According to motivational gurus, an ideal way to approach a goal is to establish an effective schedule to operate by instead of a looming deadline to perform by. So rather than giving yourself a fixed deadline to achieve a certain goal (and later feeling pathetic or a failure in case you fail to achieve it), it is better to choose your goal that is crucial to your success and commit to your schedule to consistently work toward it. This may not seem like a major shift, but it can make plenty of difference.

It is also important to have a creative and determined frame of mind, it will help you discover new and better solutions for problems or challenges you might have once believed were not in your control. If you think as if your life depends on it, it is likely that you will come up with new ideas or strategies to save yourself.

The goal that you would like to accomplish or the problem you are trying to solve is not necessarily a life-or-death situation; however, plenty of creative and unique solutions may emerge if you put all you have on the line. Although your life is not at risk, your success and happiness probably are.

Finally, keep in mind that if you want to achieve something, you will have to pay a certain price in terms of energy, patience, effort and cost. It is only natural to desire all the good things for yourself without wanting to pay the price. You would love to get a promotion but may not feel like putting in extra hours. Success usually comes when you strike a tipping point and start to desire and want your goal more than you fear the costs you will incur reaching there.

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