Goal Setting

goal setting

On this page you will learn everything you need to about goal setting.

What is goal setting?

Do you think about where you would like to be after three years? Are you sure about your key objective at work right now? Are you clear about what you intend to achieve by the end of the week?

If you intend to be successful in life, you have to set the right goals and understand the power of motivation. In the absence of clear goals you will lack both direction and focus. Goal setting allows you to better control the direction your life is headed; moreover, it gives you a useful yardstick to determine how successful you have been.

Goal setting is a well-defined process that involves carefully deciding what you intend to achieve and devise a clear plan to accomplish the outcomes you desire. The real challenge, in most cases, is not figuring out whether you would like to achieve the result; rather it is your willingness to accept the different sacrifices needed to attain your goal. Will you be content with the lifestyle that accompanies the new quest? Are you willing to accept the ugly and boring processes that come before the glamorous and exciting outcome?

Before you think about achieving them, you should know how to set goals for yourself in the first place. It is not enough to just say you want something and simply expect it to happen. The process of setting goals begins with a careful consideration of exactly what you would like to accomplish, and often ends with plenty of persistent effort to actually get there. There are a number of well-defined steps in between that usually transcend the specific details of an individual goal. Knowledge of these various steps will help you come up with goals you can achieve especially if you want to know how to get motivated.

Follow the 4 steps discussed below to set your life goals.

1. Brainstorm your life goals

It is best to find a quiet place and brainstorm for ten to fifteen minutes. If you hit a roadblock, go for a walk or take a shower. Consider things that are important to you or think about a few things that have been on your mind lately. You can set goals in different areas of your life like careers, friends, family, fun, schooling, traveling, spirituality, money and health. These are some ideas to get your mind churning. List everything that pops into your head.

2. Set your life goals

Look carefully at what you have jotted down during the brainstorming session and narrow down your list to those things you can’t live without; these are your goals. Then clarify each goal using a well-defined outcome and specific target.

3. Develop a plan

When you have defined your goals, your next step is to devise an effective plan to accomplish them. It needs to be a step-by-step action plan to get you there. Your goals will seem less daunting or off-putting if you concentrate on the more accessible and smaller steps you have to take.

4. The Importance of Having Goals in Life

It is vital to understand the importance of having goals in your life because they are crucial if you want to accomplish amazing things in life. Here are some key reasons why it is important to set goals in life:

Goals Drive You Forward

If you have a written goal with a set deadline, it offers you something to work and plan for. A written goal is a manifestation of your inner wisher or desires and acts as a reminder that you have something to work toward.

There is a familiar pattern that is associated with setting and working toward goals; you often set your eyes on something, are excited and eager to achieve it and work hard, but then your motivation level starts to diminish. However, having goals allows you to concentrate on and visualize that helps you connect with the inner desires. This in turn provides you the motivation and inspiration you require to work and focus during periods when your commitment or focus may start to wane.

Goals Convert Daunting Tasks into Manageable Actions

Like most people, you may have huge dreams that might seem unattainable. It is easy and natural to feel a little discouraged if you want to scale a gigantic and seemingly insurmountable mountain.

However, adequate goal setting will help you break huge and daunting aspirations into more achievable and smaller stepping stones. Planning and working toward smaller goals makes it much easier to devise a clear action plan that you can immediately start working on. In addition, research shows that achieving smaller milestones can provide greater contentment and motivation.

Goals Make You Accountable

If you write down clear and precise goals and set a timeline for their achievement, you will be able to reconsider your path in case you fail. There is often something humbling when it comes to looking back on goals you set six months, one year, or even five years ago and often realizing you did not accomplish as much as you were supposed to do.

It is an indication that what you have tried has not worked, and that you have to make serious changes to accomplish all you have set yourself to do.

Goals Help you Believe in Yourself

Setting life goals is an excellent means to fuel your ambition. It is not only about developing a plan for yourself and holding yourself accountable; goals also give you the needed inspiration and self-belief to aim and accomplish things you once thought were impossible.

Unless you notice that you are making gradual progress, your aspirations and dreams are just vague notions that float around in your thoughts

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