How To Find Your Life Purpose

Why am I here?

What should I do with my life?

What is my purpose in life?

Sound familiar?

In this lesson you are going to learn how to discover your life purpose. In it, I will cover:

1. The definition of your life purpose
2. The difference between your purpose, your passion, and your career
3. Whether or not your purpose should be expressed through your work
4. Examples of people expressing their purpose through their job
5. A free quiz and questionnaire on finding your life purpose
6. Some quotes and affirmations worth sharing
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life purpose

So What Is Your Life Purpose?

It’s the same as everyone else’s: to live your life as fully as you can. To be true to who you are and express your authentic gift.

The difference between your purpose and everyone else’s is “how” you express that meaning in your life.

Life is neutral and meaningless. You get to decide on what life means to you.

The fastest way to uncover your purpose is by asking yourself these two questions:

1. What brings me the most joy in life? What makes me feel alive?

2. What do I want to accomplish before I die? Or, what will I regret not doing if I died tomorrow?

Why do we need purpose in our life?

Because life has no meaning, it is important we give it meaning. This meaning gives us direction and a reason to get up in the morning. The more driven and passionate you are about this meaning, the more excited you are to get out of bed in the morning.

This is why so many people become depressed or unfulfilled: they have not assigned any meaning to their life. In fact, what most people don’t realize is that hardship is a blessing because it lights a fire under you that gives you a reason to live.

Just look at all of the people who have accomplished great things in this world. This is all do to the fact that they experienced some form of hardship and because of this pain, it gave them a purpose to do something about it.

Have you experienced any hardships in your life that you are inspired to do something about it?

One of the best things that can happen in your life is to hit a rock bottom and become sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s amazing what the idea of death can do to a person. Once you are put in touch with the fact that life is short and precious, its amazing the amount of inspiration will kickstart your life and give it purpose.

Here Are Some Examples Of What Your Life Purpose Could Be:

I want to bring more love and joy into the world via music, art, etc.
I want to help feed the hungry
I want to help end the obesity problem in our world
I want to help unite religious tribes
I want to climb the highest mountain
I want to make movies that touch people’s lives
I want to write books that inspire people
I want to help couples work through the challenges of relationships
I want to help transform our educational system
I want to be the best basketball, football, soccer, baseball player

I want to…

And so on.

Generally speaking, your life purpose is either expressed as having an impact on other people or fulfilling your own potential.

Here is my life purpose:

1. I want to help as many people as I can find their dream job and live an authentic life.

2. I want to learn as much as I can about the nature of existence.

3. I want to help people work through their emotional issues so they can move forward with their life.

4. I want to help create a world where we can all coexist in harmony while honoring our differences.

By making these types of statements (call it a life mission statement), it gives you something to focus on. When your life is filled with meaning, you will be amazed at how energized you will become.

Speaking from personal experience, when my life is filled with purpose I sleep only five hours a day. When I am just floating around aimlessly not sure what I am doing, I sleep eight to nine hours a day.

When you are filled with purpose, you are literally channeling energy in from the universe. This is why people have related this to being connected to God because they feel a higher power coming through them and in a sense, this is true because they are aligned with the universal force energy and acting as a conduit for this force

“Use the force” – Star Wars

What Your Life Purpose Really Does

What many people don’t understand about their purpose in life (i.e. their mission, career, project, etc.) is that whatever the mechanism you choose, what it really does is provide you a platform to learn more about yourself. The act of living out your purpose just reflects back to you more of who you are. It is a school of sorts that reveals to you your strengths and weaknesses.

While this may sound esoteric, just look at any relationship you are in (family, friends, career, school, etc.) and it will show you that what it does is reveal to you what you like or don’t like about how you are living your life.

Every day when you wake up you encounter experiences through these platforms that provide a reflection back to you so that you can decide “I like this” or, “I don’t like this”. They also provide you an opportunity to learn and grow and become more of yourself. If you look at people in the world with strong “character”, you will see that they developed their character via the projects they have taken on.

The Difference Between Your Purpose, Your Passion, and Your Job

– Your purpose is an overarching theme to your life as outlined above.

– Your passion is generally a mixture of things that you love and generally changes every few years as you continue to grow and evolve.

– Your job is something you do to earn money and pay your bills.

In an ideal world, you will express your life purpose through your career because you spend most of your time there. But remember, it’s not just what you do, but “how” you do it.

Your purpose in life could be as simple as to bring more joy to everyone around you. If that is the case, you can be a cashier and connect with so many people as they come through your register and touch them in some way. Do you know how many people can benefit from a simple smile and a warm connection even if its just for five minutes?

Unfortunately, so many people with “low level” work assume that they cannot have an impact on the world because of this. But the truth is that anyone of you reading this can have as much impact as someone as Steve Jobs and let me explain…

Yes, Steve Jobs accomplished some great things via Apple. But he was also known to be a jerk and pissed off a lot of people. This is what I mean by “It’s not just what you do but how you do it in life.”

We are all an equal puzzle piece on this planet that plays a vital role in what direction we take as a society, so don’t assume that you cannot have impact. If you see yourself as small and insignificant, then you are making this so.

Should You Express Your Purpose Through Your Work?

You spend forty hours a week at work. If you take into account that you sleep another eight hours a day, your job will take up almost half of your life.

So if you can, yes!

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding whether or not your purpose can be expressed through a career. But generally speaking, your job can be aligned with your mission in life even if it is indirectly. Once again, it will really come down to how you define your purpose, what your skillset is, and what the economy says it needs.

But in this day and age where anyone can put up an online business within a couple of days, the barrier of entry to turn your purpose into a career has never been more feasible then it is now.

People Expressing Their Purpose Through Their Job

Oprah Winfrey – What this woman has done is absolutely amazing. Not only has she changed her entire life, but she has impacted millions of people around the world. You can see how much energy she has and how happy she is. Most importantly, you can see that there is no separation from her work life and her personal life.

Anthony Robbins – This is a man that for the last thirty some odd years has been a cheerleader and mentor to so many people. His foundation has fed over 2M people worldwide and his audios, books, and trainings have literally changed millions. When you think of the word “self-improvement”, Tony has to be one of the first things you think of.

Bobby Flay – His food, teachings, and mentoring has touched so many people. His restaurants are infamous and his shows on The Food Network have been some of the most popular on that channel.

Morgan Spurlock – As a documentary filmmaker, his programs have reached millions of people and have gotten people to think about things they would never have thought of before. Just watching his films you can see how authentic and passionate he is about what he is doing.

So what are the common threads here?

1. Authenticity – What these people do is who they are.

2. Passion – They love what they do. They eat, sleep, and breathe their work.

3. Focus – They put 100% of their time and energy into perfecting their craft and wanting to be the best at what they do.

4. Action – These people take massive action and do not just sit around thinking or talking about it. They do it.





What do you want to do with your life? Your answer now may be different from your answer a week ago. That’s just human nature. It’s something that you have to figure out yourself. If your answer has been changing, you just haven’t figured it out yet. If this is the case, check out this post. It will teach you how the author figured out what she wanted to do with her life.


Find your purpose in life. It makes a lot of sense. It sounds like good advice. The only problem is you’re finding it hard to find your purpose in life.

Every person has a different purpose in life. This is why you can’t just take someone else’s purpose in life and make it your own. In order to find your own, you can refer to this quiz. This quiz features questions that can help you find your purpose in life.

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You’ve been told to discover your life purpose several times. If you’ve already found it, then congratulations! If not, then it’s because there’s something that these people didn’t tell you when they advised you to find your life purpose.

This post is written by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND who is the author of Beyond Willpower. It’s also a diagnostic test that can help you find your purpose in life.

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Do you know what your answer is when someone asks you, “Why?” Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answer just yet. Most people can’t answer that question with certainty. Just like them, you simply lack the laser-like focus to fulfill your potential – kind of like what a magnifying glass does to sunlight as described by Margie Warrell in this article.
In this article, there are 4 questions. Answer them so you can find your, “Why?”


If you haven’t discovered your life’s purpose, maybe it’s because you haven’t opened yourself up to it yet. You have to be ready. If you’re not, you’re not going to discover your life’s purpose.

This article will show you how you can do just that. Read this article in order to know how you can open yourself up to your life’s purpose. You’ll be surprised at how easy you’ll figure it out once you open yourself up.


How do you define your success? If you define success as to other than money, then you’re on the right track. It’s about finding and fulfilling your life purpose. The only problem is it hasn’t been revealed to you just yet.

This is why you have to check out this post. You have to answer 6 questions and this can help you reveal your life’s purpose.


This is the story of Raquel Vasallo. She is a spiritual healer. Did she spend her adult life before this doing spiritual things? No, not really, as she was working hard in her corporate job. Fortunately for her, she discovered her life’s purpose.

She tells her story in this post. You can benefit from it so you can discover your own life purpose.

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Even if you’re living a happy life, it’s possible that you’re not living a meaningful life. You feel happy but somehow, you feel as if something’s missing. That’s because you’re not living a meaningful life. You’re happy, but you’re not doing your life’s purpose.

What’s the difference? This post has the answer. You’ll know if this applies to you so read this post now.


The Mercer University has an Institute of Life Purpose. This page describes the institute. Is this institute for you? Find out now by checking out this page. Some questions are listed there. If you’re asking the same questions, then there’s a good chance that this institute can benefit you.

Start your journey to finding your life’s purpose by checking out this page. Know about the classes and seminars. Familiarize yourself with the programs.

Good Therapy

If you’re undergoing therapy, there are problems that you’ll face. This happens because of differing senses of purpose or the lack of one. If you don’t know the meaning of life, it can also be very problematic. This is why it’s a good idea to handle these challenges first before undergoing therapy.

This post discusses the problems and provides resources so the problems can be addressed.

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